Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Collective Conversation Feed: Heartbeat #2 - Clegg’s impact online

As we blogged last week, the Public Affairs team here at H&K is using a new tool developed by Sysomos called Heartbeat to track the online fortunes of the political parties during the General Election campaign.

Today, we ask what the impact of Nick Clegg winning the first Election debate and enjoying the subsequent surge in media interest has been from an online perspective.

In a nutshell, Clegg’s performance had a dramatic impact online. As can be seen from the graph below, the Liberal Democrats leapt into first place in terms of mentions following the debate. And even more importantly for them, they’ve stayed there ever since. By contrast, the Conservatives trajectory has continued steadily downward from the day before the debate onwards. Continue reading:
Collective Conversation Feed by ben.petter@hillandknowlton.com (Ben Petter)

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