Friday, April 16, 2010 How I Use Third Tribe Marketing

I’m a co-founder of Third Tribe Marketing, a private membership site where we talk about online marketing. It’s been the best thing I’ve done in 2010 so far, and I say that because I’m really enjoying the interaction with the over 2000 members, and because I’m making money (or at least getting more effective, in some cases) thanks to the information I’m finding in the forums.

I thought I’d write about how I use it.
For Consulting

Not everyone can pay my day rate. Not everyone is the ideal client for New Marketing Labs (my company). But some folks might want to ask me a simple question or two about their business, and by signing up at Third Tribe Marketing, you pay a whopping $47 for not only my advice and insight, but whatever else you get from the other participants in the forums (who often have astounding feedback and ideas).

So, if you’ve got some questions for me that aren’t a full blown marketing project for New Marketing Labs, then Third Tribe might be the place.
For Resources

I just copy/pasted a whole bunch of informational resources from a few threads in the forums at Third Tribe Marketing for a project I plan to launch in about a month. It’s awesome for that. Oh, and the other day, I asked a question about graphics types to help with another idea I had. Tons of connections.
For Education

There are many types of internet marketers in there. We have franchise professionals, big corporate types, b2b, small shops, lots of solo businesses, and many people who are creating their own businesses based on what they’re reading. It’s a real blast listening to what they’re doing, following links to their projects, getting a chance to talk up what we can improve or not. That’s one thing I really like about Third Tribe is that the folks are really participating.
Is It For You?

I don’t really know. Nonprofits are in there. Big companies are in there. Little guys. It’s a big blend. People seem happy. We get the occasional person who leaves, saying it wasn’t what they wanted, but those were often people who weren’t really interested in marketing techniques, tips, and resources. Or maybe the ideas were good, but they couldn’t use them right away. Because you can cancel whenever, it’s not a big deal to leave after a month, if you’re not ready to execute. I mean, we’d love to have you around, but you can leave after you get a few bits of actionable advice.

I’m pretty happy with what we’ve created there. If you want to talk in depth with people about online marketing, check out Third Tribe Marketing. It’s where I’m spending a good 30-60 minutes each day, and where I’m finding ideas that turn into money (or at least value for my clients).

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