Thursday, April 15, 2010

BrandDigital | BrandSimple: The Blog: Two ways to meet the selling challenge – and win.

Why should I buy this? That is the ultimate question on every consumer’s mind. Conversely, why should they buy it must be the ultimate question on any brand manager’s mind in order to make the sale.

In my newest column on I explore the two fundamental answers to this question. Yes, there are two. And, yes, each is based on the branding fact that you must offer something that is both relevant and completely different than any other brand out there in order to be successful. Where these two answers diverge is a matter of whether the product can sell itself – is it inherently different and relevant? Or, must the marketing team look for way to position it as different and relevant?

In a marketplace deluged with brands and branding channels, each is a challenge. Take a look at the article and see which marketers are meeting this selling challenge and winning
BrandDigital | BrandSimple: The Blog

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