Friday, April 16, 2010

360 Digital Influence Blog: Mobile Marketing 2010 and Beyond

I recently came across an interesting study that declared mobile web will be the leading trend in 2015. This is a pretty bold statement but believe it or not there is truth to it. This year we’ve witnessed an explosion in mobile and location based content with cool location based social applications like Foursquare, Gowalla, and BrightKite. Location based services are one of the most powerful ways to personalize one’s mobile experience which can be even more amplified with the integration of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. An increasing number of brands are experimenting and trying out mobile marketing strategies as a result. Last month, Gowalla partnered with Travel Channel to integrate some of its dining content from the show Food Wars. When Gowalla users check in to venues visited in Food Wars, they will be able to read show-related information about the restaurant and collect passport-stamp rewards. This is a great way to engage fans and build strong brand awareness and loyalty. Gowalla says users have checked in at 600,000 locations in more than 165 countries to-date.

In addition to mobile and location based services, I think we’ll start to see more of a shift towards brands encouraging customers to share feedback and opinions at all times. There are lots of apps currently out there that collect real-time feedback from customers. For example, I downloaded AT&T’s Mark the Spot iPhone app earlier this year which basically crowd sources spotty reception areas across the country and asks users for information around location, dropped calls, failed call attempt, no coverage, data failure, and poor voice quality. The app is an easy way for the brand to listen to customers quickly and the use the feedback to optimize performance without over flooding call centers around the world.

The social media landscape is ripe for mobile marketing in the U.S. and I’m excited to see what new mobile trends and apps this year will bring. I will be reviewing all things mobile every other week here on Fresh Influence so check back if you’re interested in learning more about how mobile marketing will impact social media in 2010 and beyond.
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